JM Plaster : Manufacturer and Supplier of Paris of Paris (POP)

We are an authorized supplier and manufacturer of Gypsum plaster, POP (Plaster of Paris ) for false ceilings from Bikaner, Hanumangarh. We supply Gypsum and POP all over India. We have been manufacturing gypsum plaster/Plaster of Paris in Bikaner since 2017. 

Our Plaster of Paris POP pricing is affordable and We offer fine-quality Plaster of Paris. It is long-lasting and durable for long-term storage. Our POP bags come in 25 kg and 40 kg. We also supply gypsum to cement manufacturer and agriculture uses.

Plaster of paris for false ceiling

JM Plaster`s Products

Gypsum Plaster POP

We are top manufacturers of Plaster of Paris (POP) in Bikaner Rajasthan. Bikaner is known for its high quality of Gypsum POP.

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White Gypsum Powder

White Gypsum powermta is used in construction and agriculture. Its scientific name is calcium sulfate dihydrate. JM plasters sell it in all over India.

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Fly Ash Gypsum Powder

JM plasters sells Gypsum Powder for fly ash bricks. It is A Grade. Delivery all India. Best in industry for block like AAC block.

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Why Choose JM Plasters

Pricing of Gypsum Plaster and POP

Super-fine Quality POP

For Roof Ceiling

  • Available in 25 / 40 Bags
  • Minimum Order 30 Matric ton
  • On-Site delivery
  • Quality Guarantee

Fine Quality Plaster of Paris

For Construction

  • Available According Requirement
  • Minimum Order 30 Matric ton
  • On-Site delivery
  • Quality Guarantee

White Gypsum Powder

For Construction and Agriculture

  • Available in 50 Bags
  • Minimum Order 30 Matric ton
  • On-Site delivery
  • Quality Guaranteebuy Gypsum for agriculture

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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a plaster of paris manufacturer, consider factors such as product quality, consistency, and the manufacturer’s reputation in the industry.

Plaster of Paris is commonly used for creating smooth and durable ceiling finishes in construction and renovation projects.

Gypsum helps to improve soil fertility by providing essential calcium and sulfur, reducing soil compaction, and improving water infiltration and root growth.

High-quality ceiling plaster of paris should exhibit properties such as smooth application, minimal shrinkage, good adhesion, and resistance to cracking and sagging.

The manufacturing of plaster of Paris (POP) involves precise gypsum calcination, grinding, and drying to ensure uniform particle size and purity, resulting in high-quality Plaster of Paris (POP).

When selecting a manufacturer of plaster of paris and gypsum products, consider factors such as product quality, technical support, delivery reliability, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Our Mission

At JM Plasters, our mission is to offer the best quality building materials to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in our products. We are dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence in the industry, providing reliable and durable solutions for construction projects of all sizes. Our Gypsum plaster from Bikaner is highly recognised in India because of best quality.

We know our strength is clients’ trust thanks why we work 24/7 to produce better quality building products like POP, Wall Putty, and Quality Gypsum for Agriculture.

  • Better customer and client experience
  • Growing together
  • Better Customer Support
  • Quality Products
  • Building Trust
  • Value relationships with clients
Quality Products 100%
Customer Support 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%


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