You told me I would be nothing without you, showed me all the ways my life would be less without you. After all the good times we spent, you ended up ruining my life. Because of you, I’ve spent nights in jail, I lost my license, my job, my marriage, and my kids won’t speak to me. You are filled with empty promises that you’ll play nice and only come to visit once in a while. Instead, you camped out in my home, my car, my office and even went so far as to hide in my suitcase on our family trip to Disneyland. Worst of all, you have a serious jealousy streak in you, bordering on psychotic.

  • Bid farewell to addiction with sincerity, expressing determination to move forward without the presence of addiction.
  • I pray that you find the strength within yourself to make the necessary changes, and I am hopeful that we can rebuild our lives together.
  • You’ve had such a strong grip on me that I don’t even know who I am today.
  • Your addiction breakup letter may also help you in the future.

#6. The Family-Centered Approach

Your health is too important to be compromised, and I will be here every step of the way to support and love you through this journey to recovery. Reach out to a therapist, counselor, or support group that specializes in addiction recovery. Consider attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or any other resource that can provide you with the necessary tools and support to overcome this challenge.

#9. The Intervention Approach

  • Download this Goodbye Letter to Addiction to help clients in their journey to recovery.
  • To help you guide your client to break free from the evil clutches of addiction, we have prepared a sample Goodbye Letter to Addiction template.
  • Start by taking some dedicated time for self-reflection.
  • This can keep you motivated in your recovery as well as help you feel power over your addiction as you recognize that you have a brighter future ahead of you.
  • Whether it’s attending therapy sessions together, finding resources, or simply being a shoulder to lean on when you need it most, I am here.
  • I have hope in my heart, and hope is a wonderful thing.
  • As the years rolled on, you were there almost daily.

Thank you for the good memories and I’ll try to forget the bad. And who knows, if I’m ever old and alone, we may meet again. I am now not only saying goodbye, but stay the fuck away from me and my family. I am stronger now than I ever was with you and you are a dangerous one to be around. You give false confidence and make-believe happiness.

Steve-O Writes ‘Goodbye Letter’ To Drugs, Details Past Substance Abuse In E-mail From Rehab – MTV

Steve-O Writes ‘Goodbye Letter’ To Drugs, Details Past Substance Abuse In E-mail From Rehab.

Posted: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 07:00:00 GMT [source]

#10. A Letter Wishing for a Positive Future of Healing

  • It’s imperative that we address this issue together and work towards a healthier environment for all of us.
  • And to do all of this, I need you out of my life.
  • For many, cutting ties with an addiction is similar to breaking up a long-term relationship.
  • I believe that with the right support, you can overcome this challenge and lead a healthier, happier life.

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I guess this is a feeling only a free man can experience. You have been with me for about 18 or so years, roughly about half my life. You have been a distraction that I could always rely on. You have been ever-present in my life; when I was happiest, at my saddest, through grief and struggles, always there at the biggest events in my life.

goodbye letter to alcohol examples

Benefits of a Calm and Private Space for Writing

Please take the necessary steps toward healing and recovery. Reach out for support, whether it’s through counseling, therapy, or a support group. Let us work together to rebuild our family and create a loving, secure, and stable environment for our children. I want to stress that your recovery is not just about you; it’s about our family’s stability and happiness.

Guide on How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Your Addiction

How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Alcohol & Drugs

#3. The Tough Love Approach

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