We have read the papers attentively and did not find any pitfalls. CRM maintains the highest security standard for payment card processing — PCI DSS Level 1. It is used to identify sellers of goods and services who process more than 6 million transactions annually.

xCritical Review: Features and Services

All your daily operating tasks can be accomplished from a single interface, thereby significantly streamlining your processes. You can call customers, send SMS, and use all the platform features without switching between windows. Some applications have delays which result in enormous losses when the market is highly volatile. XCritical does not cheat its customers when it says that it has got the fastest order execution. There are many reasons why people prefer xCritical to many other trading platforms. The xCritical trading platform has gained quite a huge audience since its creation.

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There are also a variety of market executions, which the trader can set depending on market rates or desired limits and rates. Another benefit is that it is also available as a mobile application. The CRM integration helps brokers increase their and their client’s productivity. With this, you can perform all operations in one window, providing an efficient and seamless workflow. A streamlined system allows you to accomplish all tasks in just one interface. This feature also allows managers, agents, employees, and partners to view, manage, and organize customer data.

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  1. We have read the papers attentively and did not find any pitfalls.
  2. It has been available in the market for a few years now, with a priority for the Russian markets.
  3. With XCritical you can exchange funds at market price, set limit orders, perform deposits and withdrawals.
  4. The XCritical platform is the result of longstanding development, and we are proud to say that it is one of the most advanced trading platforms on the market.

CRM includes various financial analysis tools and an integrated risk management system. XCritical is an independent trading platform used by tens of thousands of traders across the globe. It boasts great functionality and a wide range of features that surpass the standards of other platforms. It has been available in the market for a few years now, with a priority for the Russian markets. You can find out a lot of information on the xCritical official site.

It enables sales and retention teams to drive more revenue via numerous built-in features based on our 15+ years of brokerage business expertise. At XCritical, we’re dedicated to empowering your clients to succeed. We offer a full package of services, including a personal account manager, 24/7 technical support, training, and assistance with marketing and sales.

Despite this, the security and access levels imposed by the CRM integration limits employees’ access to confidential customer information. A good crypto exchange also offers a reliable crypto wallet for its traders. xcritical’s version was developed specifically to fit the needs of traders that use its crypto exchange.

Reliable API system integration with CRM systems might interest CRM owners and developers. It provides for complete control of all customer aspects of managing customer data and relationships. Yes, it is that authority that has got the best reputation in the field. This is a very good sign that represents the trustworthiness of the service.

The XCritical trading platform meets the highest modern standards including maximum connection speed and compatibility with all mobile devices. Start your own high-profit forex brokerage in a matter of days or scale your existing business with the best-in-class forex software XCritical. Second, during our xCritical review, we have paid attention to the platform usability. We could intuitively navigate through the application without even knowing where the buttons were really located.

https://traderoom.info/ Crypto Exchange connects to more than 30 crypto exchanges to form orders. The product allows you to create an order book using flexible settings. XCritical AMS generates strategies according to your specific goals. You can choose rewards based on new leads, revenue shares and action conditions.

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